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Boost your Instagram Followers: Keep up with Instagram Updates September 2017

How to make the most of Instagram updates to help boost your Instagram followers.


Instagram is constantly changing and updating the way they do things. It is really important to keep up with these changes and developments so that you can make the most of the service. In order to help you do this, here is an outline of the most recent developments Instagram have made last month.

Banned Hashtags


You may be aware that certain hashtag phrases are banned and it’s NOT a good idea to use these. What you may not know is that not only does the banned hashtag not work but also all other hashtags you have on that post don’t work either! This means that your post will have no effect whatsoever. Due to the fact that your post won’t reach anyone it is  important you make sure you do not use any banned hashtags so that your post is effective and can then help to boost your Instagram followers.


Some banned hashtags are really obvious but you might actually be really surprised at some of the other banned hashtags! For example, #easter is a banned hashtag phrase!


For more information on how to spot a banned hashtag and to check if any of the hashtags you want to use are already banned, there is a really useful article on

Broadcasting with Friends


You may have already read our posts all about Instagram Live Stories. You can read it by clicking here if you haven’t read it yet.  Instagram Live Stories is relatively new for Instagram so they will be working on it and developing it as it rolls. One thing they are working on at the moment is the ability to become your guest and broadcast live in real time with you. This will be a great function of Instagram Live Stories as you will be able to link with followers old or new throughout the world live! If this gets through the testing period it will be a very useful function.

Better TARGETING in the Create-An-Ad system


This update particularly applies to people who have Business Profiles on Instagram and are engaging in Instagram Ads. Instagram have massively improved the level of targeting you can apply to an ad. In particular you can now target people specifically who have already watched one of your Instagram videos. They are more likely to watch your video rather than someone who hasn’t watched any at all. You can be even more specific than this too! You can stipulate that you want to target:


  • People who have visited your business profile
  • Instagram profiles who have engaged with your business profile in any way
  • People who have engaged with a previous advert
  • Those who have reacted to a previous post
  • People who have saved a post or advert from your business profile
  • Those who have sent a message directly to your business profile


This update means that you can really target posts and ads to those who are more likely to respond. This may result in being able to boost your Instagram followers.


Hopefully now with this further knowledge you can make the most of your profile to boost you Instagram followers. Good luck!