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Instagram is Cracking Down On Services that Sells Likes and Followers

Buying followers and likes

Instagram is the popular video and photo sharing social media website owned by the Facebook, Inc. The app permits users to upload videos and photos that can be modified with the help of different filters. This can be organized with the help of location information and tags. The users can share the posts of their account with the public or with their ‘pre-approved’ followers. Recently Instagram has announced that it would crack down on the apps that sell followers and likes.

How Can Instagram Cracking On Apps Which Sell Followers and Likes Prove to be Useful?

The popular social media site Instagram was launched in the month of October in the year 2010 on the iOS. Another version of Instagram was released for the Android devices later. The users of Instagram can follow the other users, like their photos and content to feed. Recently Instagram has announced it would not permit inauthentic comments, follows or likes that make use of the ‘third-party’ apps for increasing their popularity. This step can prove to be useful in many ways.

Increase Authenticity: One of the main reasons for Instagram to take the step to prevent inauthentic likes, follows or comments could be to make it a genuine platform. Moreover, buying followers is considered to be an immoral act. People may get suspicious if you try to use ‘bot automation’ to increase your followers from 30 to about 30,000 within a few days. This can lead to tarnishing your reputation.

Low Engagement Rate: The main problem of buying followers is that you are not getting users who are actually interested to get involved with you. Thus even if you get a huge number of followers, you would not get actual users and potential customers for the low rate of engagement. Thus Instagram cracking down on the fake accounts would actually help you to not give in to the temptation of buying followers.

Spamming Followers: When you buy fake followers from the third-party apps some of the ‘following services’ ask the users to advertise their services and urge their followers to increase followers artificially. This could be vexing for your followers. Thus this step of Instagram to crack down on the services that sell followers would help you indirectly.

Easy Detection of the Fake Accounts: The key aim of Instagram is to offer its users a platform where they can connect and share with the other users in a genuine manner. Instagram now makes use of the ‘machine learning tools’ for cracking on the apps that sell followers and likes.

Thus the step Instagram has taken of cracking down on the apps selling followers and likes would be a useful one for all its users. They would be protected against fraudulent accounts and misinformation. This would further boost the popularity of Instagram making it a leading social media platform.

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