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Make your Instagram feed stand out to gain more Instagram followers.

Want to gain more Instagram followers? It’s time to refresh how you take your pictures!

In the ongoing aim to gain more Instagram followers let’s look at how your actual images can help.

You may have had Instagram for a while now and if you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere with your posts, try out these handy hints to refresh the way you post your photos.


Choose your photos carefully


It is really important that you don’t get into the habit of posting photos just for the sake of it. Each photo that you post needs to have meaning and purpose. As we have said many times before, make sure each post fits in with your chosen theme for your Instagram account. This is a positive way to gain more Instagram followers. This is because your theme will attract people with the same interests. If you post too many random and unrelated photos then they won’t fully appeal to anyone in particular.


In the same way that you shouldn’t post random photos, try to avoid posting too any at one time. It’s better to post one or two good quality photos then uploading an album of 20 odd.



Look at your photos from another angle


One handy tip is to add more depth to your photos by adding a foreground rather than just a background. An easy way to do this is to take your photos literally from another angle. A photographer’s tip is to turn your phone upside down and take the photo from the ground or table or rail etc. This adds a subtle foreground to your image. It makes sense that the more interesting your photos are, the more likely you are to gain more Instagram followers.

Improve the quality of your photos


Most people now use the camera on their smartphones rather than any other cameras. You don’t need to become a professional photographer to get great results but you should aim to improve the quality of your posts. Here are three simple handy hints to get the most out of your smartphone camera.


  1. Avoid using the flash when you can. You need to use it sometimes in the dark or poor lighting but on the whole it can blow out the lighting. This results in a really poor quality photo.
  2. Adjust the exposure on your phone. Aim to under-expose the photo. By shooting it a little darker, you will make the image look more professional as it won’t be too bright or blow out the highlights. You can always brighten the image up later without ruining the image.
  3. Turn off the HDR (high dynamic range). When you use this your photos can look too processed and over done.


For even more hints and tips check out this really useful article from the life hacker website. Click here.


Try implementing all of these handy hints and see if you can gain more Instagram followers.