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New October Instagram Feature: Run a ‘Poll” on Instagram Stories

In the past couple of months you will have noticed that Instagram Stories have featured quite heavily in our blogs in the aim to get more Instagram followers. If you haven’t read them already you can get to them here:


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Instagram is now adding a new feature on Stories, which means that when you publish a Story you can now add a straightforward poll function. You will then be able to review the answers that you get from your followers. This in turn can inform the way you use Stories to become more successful and in turn get more Instagram followers.

Use the poll to get more Instagram followers

This new feature is an absolute gift-send in terms of seeing what works for you on Instagram and what doesn’t. This means that you can use this info to tailor your account with the aim to get more Instagram followers. Look at it like a piece of vital market research and best of all – it’s free and easy to use!


How it works

To add a poll to a Story you need to do the following:

  1. Open the Stickers menu
  2. Select ‘POLL’ (to the left of the #HASHTAG sticker)
  3. Type in your question and set your answers to the format you want.
  4. Publish the Story as usual.

When your Story goes Live you will be able to see any responses to the poll in your Insights,

Beware – remember this warning!

Just one thing to keep in mind … when you answer a poll, the person who set it will be able to see your name with your response. The answers aren’t anonymous so take care with what you say!


Give the Polls function with your Instagram Stories a go today and see how you can transform your Stories to aim to get more Instagram followers!