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New on Instagram: Share your Instagram Stories with Direct Message and see how this can increase Instagram Followers.

In our last few blogs we have covered different aspects of Instagram Stories and how they can help you to increase Instagram followers. You can read these previous blogs here:


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Up until now it was only possible to post a reply directly to a Story that someone has uploaded publically or to send a video back in response.


Share Your Story Via Direct Message – Increase Instagram Followers


With the recent updates to Instagram Stories it is now possible to share a Story via Direct Message! The implications of this are huge and most people agree this is a brilliant update.


It is now so much easier to share a Story – either one you have created or one you have found from someone you follow. You can now simply share it to all of your followers as a Direct Message.


How it works


It is now very simple. When you come across a Story that you want to share all you need to do is:

  • Tap the Direct icon (bottom right corner)
  • Select the friends or groups you want to send it to
  • It will appear as a message in your inbox
  • Remember to tap the red notification on the top right hand corner when you are using the app.


How does this help to increase Instagram followers?


This new change to the way that you can share your Stories and Stories from other people can only be a good thing in the aim to increase Instagram followers. It now means that if you post a Story of significant interest to someone who is already following you, they can forward the Story to all of their own followers in one simple step.

This may expose your Story to someone who chooses to become one of your followers. They may also DM your Story to all of their followers and it goes on and on.


The fact that the Story appears in someone’s inbox means that they are more likely to pay more attention to it rather than just scrolling down through lots of posts in one go.


In summary, have a go at posting a Story and sending it to your followers via Direct Message and see it increase Instagram followers!