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Telling Tales… All you need to know about Instagram Stories

How can Instagram Stories attract new Instagram followers?

Earlier this year Instagram developed its own version of Snapchat Stories. In the words of Instagram, ‘Stories’ is a function that allows you to “share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile”.
But how does this help you to attract new Instagram likesand followers naturally?

There are a few rules to follow to create top quality Instagram stories that will then pique the interest of many Instagram users, which in turn can become new followers of your profile.

For some basic information on how to use Instagram Stories check out these help pages from the Instagram Help Centre. Click Here 

Here are the rules you should aim to stick to when creating your own Instagram Stories:

1. It’s all about the THEME

Have you heard this before? If you read my Top Tip No. 1 blog and a few of the others then I may have mentioned the word THEME once, twice or a million times! The theory is just the same as having a cohesive theme for your profile overall. Creating a Story or series of Stories, which are all based on one united theme will potentially attract new Instagram followers who are interested in this theme. If your stories are random you will appear to be like a ‘jack-of-all-trades’. This means your won’t fully appeal to any one type of person in particular.

2. Give up the Filters

You won’t believe it and you may not necessarily like it but it is a truth scientifically acknowledged that Stories and photos with #nofilter outperform filtered images in terms of number of likes they receive from followers. Dumbfounded by this piece of Social Media Science? You can learn other useful scientific hints and tips from this linked article. Click Here

3. Make the most of Colour and Light

Another interesting tip from the ‘scientific’ based article discussed in the previous point is about colour choice. If your images have overall colours which are tones of grey, blue or green, they will outperform those based on pinks and oranges. So make the most of current colour trends to help attract more Instagram followers.

4. Give your Story a face – literally

Even if the theme for your Stories is not based on human beings, your Story will work much better and appeal to more potential new followers if it includes at least one or two selfies or images with someone in it. Again, don’t add something totally random. Instead, be a bit creative and make sure it makes thematic sense to include the picture.

5. It’s all about Quality not Quantity (well sort of)

So half of this statement is true, ‘it’s all about quality’. However, it is actually about the quantity as well! This means more work but some things are worth the effort! You need to make sure you keep your Stories creative, fresh and consistent. But at the same time remember to post, then post, then post again. The more you post, the more interest you will generate and the greater chance you have of attracting new Instagram followers.

Goods luck and enjoy creating your Instagram Stories!!!