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Top Tip No. 1: How to get more Instagram Followers

As well as buying one of our excellent packages to increase your number of followers, you can also get more instagram followers by becoming  Instagram saavy and learn how to maximise the amount of people attracted to your profile. There are a number of key ways to do this and we are going to introduce you to the first one today…


after instagram followers added to your profile


So let’s focus on THEMES.


It is so important that your Instagram profile is clear, structured and focused on a particular place, interest or hobby. By having a specific subject as the main theme of your Instagram profile, you are making it much easier for people to associate with your theme and that will encourage them to follow you if they have the same subject in common.


If you have a more unstructured profile where you upload loads of random photos about loads of different topics, your profile is very unlikely to appeal to anyone. Don’t try to be a jack-of-all-trades!


It’s also great to have a consistent colour theme which can link all of your posts and make your profile look much more professional.


So to be clear: stick to one main theme as the subject of your posts and choose a catchy colour scheme to link it all together.


See you soon for Top Tip No. 2!


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