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Top Tip No. 2: How to get more Instagram Followers

How to get more instagram followers

The blog on Top Tip No. 1 focused on the first key way to set up your Instagram account in a way to get more Instagram followers through the use of a central THEME. The second top tip is now to focus on your INSTAGRAM BIO and USERNAME.

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Get your Instagram Bio right!


Firstly, lets be clear. An Instagram Bio is the section underneath your username where you can include information about yourself. In short your Bio us like the first impression that you are giving your followers. If you don’t catch their attention here they probably wont bother going any further! This is why getting your bio right is absolutely vital.


But there’s even more to it than this. The way you write your bio doesn’t just affect getting the attention of potential followers. As well as this, you need to focus on getting one or two keywords in there that completely sums up what you want your account to promote (basically your theme). By adding these keywords you could also help you account to display on the app’s search results – leading more potential followers to your account.


So the basic rules of writing a great Instagram bio are:


  1. Keep it short and snappy!
  2. Make sure it reflects the type of follower you want in the style of language you use.
  3. Use keywords that sum up your Instagram theme.
  4. Add a link to your e-mail or website to clearly direct people where to go.
  5. Remember – the bio isn’t set in stone. Test it out, try different things and see what works best for you.


There is quite a useful little article that I found online (Huffington Posy) about writing a Killer Instagram Bio: to stand out above the crowd. Click Here to read the article.

Now for your username…


It is not just the Bio that counts. Draw people in with a clear and relevant username so people know what your account is all about straight away. Just like the bio, it’s a good idea to use a keyword, which may also show up in the app’s search results.


It’s all about the hashtags!


Make the most of the hashtag phrases that Instagram is so well known for.


The whole point of hashtag are that when you tag your post with a hashtag phrase, you can then click on the hashtag which will bring up a page which shows all the photos and videos that other people have also uploaded with that hashtag.


By adding a popular and relevant hashtag in your own post is a fab way of attracting new potential followers and widening your Instagram audience. It’s so easy to use because Instagram automatically suggests the most popular hashtags based on key words you have used in your post. This means it is really important to use relevant keywords – not random ones so you are making the most of your post!


Back soon with Top Tip No. 3!