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Top Tip No. 3: How to get more Instagram Followers

So far we have looked at improving your Instagram account to attract more Instagram followers by having a clear and structured theme, a successful Instagram Bio and relevant username.

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But back to business… today our latest offering now focuses on TAGGING.

The Power of Tagging!


In simple terms, TAGGING is when you identify another person in a photo, post or status update. It lets that person know that you have mentioned them or put a photo of them on your profile and it links through to their own Instagram account.

Although tagging is mainly used to identify someone you already know in your post or photo, it can still help you gain new followers, as more people will see your posts.

Obviously, the term is also close to the Instagram favourite – #hashtag. Let’s have a look at the importance of getting this right! As stated in a previous post when you tag your post with a hashtag phrase, you can then click on the hashtag. This will bring up a page, which shows all the photos, and videos that other people have also uploaded with that hashtag.


How to use the right tags

It is absolutely vital to make sure your tags are both relevant and accurate to be in line with what you are posting about. For example, if you are posting a picture of a cake you have baked you should aim for tags such as #Baking #Chocolate #Homemade #Cake

It is always a good idea to include popular tags AS LONG AS THEY ARE RELEVANT! If they aren’t relevant, they simply won’t attract more followers to your profile in the long run. Instead, you’ll be attracting them to your profile under false pretenses and they won’t hang around!

However, don’t just stick to the most popular tags. Make sure you use a variety of general, popular tags and very specific tags too.


Don’t get too tag-happy!

Adding tags is undoubtedly a really important way of attracting people to your profile. However, it is best not to go over-the-top! Instagram will allow you to tag up to 30 phrases but this is far too much! You want to aim for between 10-12 tags. In the case of Instagram 11 is the magic number!

If you use a fewer number of tags then it’s not great for promoting more visibility. If you use loads more then you may look a little bit desperate!

A really important factor to consider is where you put the tags. It’s a much better idea to include 2-3 hashtags on the actual post and then to add the others in the ‘Comments’ section below. This makes it much neater and more easily readable.


Location, Location, Location

A final good idea is to tag your Location when you add a post. This may well result in an increase of people your post is reaching as your photo will show in the search results whenever a person searches for that particular area.


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