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Top Tip No. 5: How to attract new Instagram Followers

In order to attract more Instagram followers you need to aim to keep building on the Follow, Like and Comment strategy that we discussed in Top Tip No. 4. But there are also lots of other ways to build your Instagram followers as well. Today we will look at how Instagram Stories and Live Video can also help you increase your followers.


The great thing about using Instagram Stories and Live video is that live content of any nature grabs people’s attention and this results in you naturally expanding your reach and attracting more Instagram followers.



Using Instagram Stories to get more Instagram Followers


In the last blog we looked at precisely what Instagram Stories are. You can read the blog here.


Although they are a relatively new feature on Instagram, Stories are a great way of attracting potential followers in an eye catching way. Even the position of Instagram Stories – at the top of the Instagram app – highlights this. According to one website the statistics for Stories are impressive:


  • More than 200 million people view Instagram Stories
  • Nearly one in five Stories results in a direct message.
  • One third of the most viewed Stories are from businesses.


You can read more tips from the source of these statistics here:


Using Live Video to get more Instagram Followers


Live Video on Instagram is a continually growing social media trend which works in the same way as Stories in that it is a highly attention-grabbing feature. This will naturally lead to attracting more Instagram followers.


The Instagram Help Centre gives clear information and instructions on how to use Live Video which you can access here.


Live video is a really useful feature with a number of uses. It can share live events with people all over Instagram. It is a great way of sharing something that is actually happening when it is happening. This could be a meeting, lecture or conference. Alternatively it could be something news worthy, right when it is happening. Businesses can use it in loads of ways for running competitions or promotions. It can be used for events within a community and can then be sheared with the whole community whatever that may be. The possibilities are endless!


The way it works is that Live Videos show up in your Story. When the Live Video comes to an end you can choose for it to disappear from your Story or keep it for 24 hours. The brilliant thing about it is that when you start broadcasting live, the accounts that follow you are all notified – the perfect way to get their attention. This may then lead to actions, which alert their followers. This in turn could help make them followers of your own account.


Good luck with implementing Instagram Stories and Live Video and here’s to many more followers. Come back soon for some more Top Tips!