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Instagram is the popular video and photo sharing social media website owned by the Facebook, Inc. The app permits users to upload videos and photos that can be modified with the help of different filters. This can be organized with the help of location information and tags. The users can share the posts of their account with the public or with their ‘pre-approved’ followers. Recently Instagram has announced that it would crack down on the apps that sell followers and likes. How Can Instagram Cracking On Apps Which Sell Followers and Likes Prove to be Useful? The popular social media site Instagram was launched in the month of October in the year 2010 on the iOS. Another version of Instagram was released for the Android devices later. The users of Instagram can follow the other users, like their photos and content to

Instagram has introduced special features called Instagram stories which allow the users to post and share contents. The idea of stories brings in a lot automatic Instagram views because they are attractive and easy. Stories are a very handy and hassle-free tool which can be used to reveal information about the viewers as well. What Is The Order Of Instagram Stories Views? The term Instagram Stories View directly refers to the list of the people who have seen the particular story. This list helps the creator of the content to get a picture of how many people have seen the content and whether the content was engaging or not. The viewers of these stories can also directly message the creators related to the post daily. The list of views generated helps the creator to understand the level of interest the particular content has