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How to make the most of Instagram updates to help boost your Instagram followers.   Instagram is constantly changing and updating the way they do things. It is really important to keep up with these changes and developments so that you can make the most of the service. In order to help you do this, here is an outline of the most recent developments Instagram have made last month. Banned Hashtags   You may be aware that certain hashtag phrases are banned and it's NOT a good idea to use these. What you may not know is that not only does the banned hashtag not work but also all other hashtags you have on that post don’t work either! This means that your post will have no effect whatsoever. Due to the fact that your post won’t reach anyone it is  important you make sure

In order to attract more Instagram followers you need to aim to keep building on the Follow, Like and Comment strategy that we discussed in Top Tip No. 4. But there are also lots of other ways to build your Instagram followers as well. Today we will look at how Instagram Stories and Live Video can also help you increase your followers.   The great thing about using Instagram Stories and Live video is that live content of any nature grabs people’s attention and this results in you naturally expanding your reach and attracting more Instagram followers.     Using Instagram Stories to get more Instagram Followers   In the last blog we looked at precisely what Instagram Stories are. You can read the blog here.   Although they are a relatively new feature on Instagram, Stories are a great way of attracting potential followers in an eye catching

How can Instagram Stories attract new Instagram followers? Earlier this year Instagram developed its own version of Snapchat Stories. In the words of Instagram, ‘Stories’ is a function that allows you to "share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile". But how does this help you to attract new Instagram likesand followers naturally? There are a few rules to follow to create top quality Instagram stories that will then pique the interest of many Instagram users, which in turn can become new followers of your profile. For some basic information on how to use Instagram Stories check out these help pages from the Instagram Help Centre. Click Here  Here are the rules you should aim to stick to when creating your own Instagram Stories: 1. It’s all about the THEME Have you heard this before? If you

Attract new Instagram followers: Top Tip No. 3 was all about tags and hashtags and how they can help you get more Instagram followers. Today’s blog is all about how you should also interact with other people’s accounts and this in turn can help you attract more Instagram followers.   Follow, Like and Comment   A great way to attract new Instagram followers is to actually be active as a follower yourself. Keep in mind the mantra ‘Follow, Like and Comment’. By doing these things you are creating a real presence on Instagram and drawing attention to your own Instagram profile.   This is a really easy way to attract new Instagram followers. When you come across a profile with similar interests or themes to your own, FOLLOW them. Then you need to aim to LIKE between 3-5 of their photos. Finally, leave a COMMENT on 1-2

So far we have looked at improving your Instagram account to attract more Instagram followers by having a clear and structured theme, a successful Instagram Bio and relevant username. For another article, which gives simple and clear ideas on how to ‘Double your Instagram followers’, CLICK HERE. But back to business… today our latest offering now focuses on TAGGING. The Power of Tagging!   In simple terms, TAGGING is when you identify another person in a photo, post or status update. It lets that person know that you have mentioned them or put a photo of them on your profile and it links through to their own Instagram account. Although tagging is mainly used to identify someone you already know in your post or photo, it can still help you gain new followers, as more people will see your posts. Obviously, the term is also close to

How to get more instagram followers The blog on Top Tip No. 1 focused on the first key way to set up your Instagram account in a way to get more Instagram followers through the use of a central THEME. The second top tip is now to focus on your INSTAGRAM BIO and USERNAME. Get your Instagram Bio right!   Firstly, lets be clear. An Instagram Bio is the section underneath your username where you can include information about yourself. In short your Bio us like the first impression that you are giving your followers. If you don’t catch their attention here they probably wont bother going any further! This is why getting your bio right is absolutely vital.   But there’s even more to it than this. The way you write your bio doesn’t just affect getting the attention of potential followers. As well as

In the last blog post we talked about Top Tip No. 1. How to get more Instagram followers by focusing on a THEME. Well here is a perfect example of how well this can work for your Instagram Profile: Today an online article has been published on The Sun website with the headline, ‘IN A SPIN Meet the sexy helicopter pilot who’s become an Instagram hit with smoking hot pics flying a chopper, posing on cars and even kayaking’ The article highlights how this pilot has nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram who all check out her scenic pictures. These pictures are all linked by the theme of her outdoor hobbies and pursuits. Therefore, this is a perfect case study of how sticking to a clear and structured theme really does work! To read the online article by The Sun in full Click Here To boost

As well as buying one of our excellent packages to increase your number of followers, you can also get more instagram followers by becoming  Instagram saavy and learn how to maximise the amount of people attracted to your profile. There are a number of key ways to do this and we are going to introduce you to the first one today…     So let’s focus on THEMES.   It is so important that your Instagram profile is clear, structured and focused on a particular place, interest or hobby. By having a specific subject as the main theme of your Instagram profile, you are making it much easier for people to associate with your theme and that will encourage them to follow you if they have the same subject in common.   If you have a more unstructured profile where you upload loads of random photos about

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