How to Identify Your Ideal Target Audience on Instagram?

It is essential to identify your target market and accordingly tailor your marketing campaigns for your business. This is vital for any successful campaign. You could target a much wider audience however the results may not be as targeted to your business as they would be if the campaign was more specific to your business model. You could identify your ideal audience on Instagram making use of some smart strategies which are listed below.

Find the Ideal Audience Making Use of Instagram’s Story Discovery

As we now have the access to the function of follow hashtags and can view the geotagged and hash-tagged stories, you could effectively make use of the ‘story discovery’ feature of Instagram to identify the ideal customers. You could begin by searching for the hashtags associated with the events, location or interests of the target audience.

Engage with the Users Who Liked Your Previous Posts

It is a good idea to check the profiles of those users who have liked your previous posts. You could begin interacting with them. There is a high chance of the users who liked your content would enjoy your services and products as well.

Check Out Follower List of your competitors

First of all, find a business who may be in the same or a very similar industry. Check out the follower list of that business to find followers who would fit into the category of your niche customers. Interacting with these people by either Liking or Commenting on their page is a good way to spread awareness to your own business.

Identifying the Target Audience on the Basis of Values, Interests, and Behaviour

A sure-shot way of getting in touch with ideal customers is by taking into account their lifestyle, interests, and hobbies. For instance, if you have a dance studio, your potential clients would be mothers of the dancers themselves. After the dance classes, they would like to catch up with friends over lunch or afternoon drinks near to your dance studio. It is a good idea to check out the cafes and eateries where they have lunch and snacks. You can do this by searching the name of the cafe and seeing who has tagged photos in that location or who has tagged their story in that location.

Thus, by following these tips you would be easily able to identify your target customers and you can save your money on some software company that uses bots to buy Instagram followers.